Thursday, September 18, 2014

VA Making it Difficult for Vets Again

Ok I've had it. I tried to resolve this once. That's enough. The VA is denying Medicare patients access to some of their Medicare benefits, or maybe I should say they're redirecting them to a supplier they choose instead of the one the patient initially chose. There is a thing called the "Medicare Bill of Rights" which give the patient the right to choose where they get their medical service or durable medical equipment. The VA has been consistently denying Medicare patients who receive  their primary care through the VA access to outside vendors that they chose by not providing them with the requested documentation the supplier needs in order to bill the patients Medicare account. They tell the patient the VA will provided them with what they need, then sends them to an outside supplier the VA chose, not the one the patient did, or they just tell the patient we don't sign outside the VA paperwork and the patient never get the service or the durable medical equipment that they need and requested. This just reeks of coruption and or pure laziness on the part of the VA. This practice of not playing well with outside agencies has got to stop. There's seems to be some kind of "Cozy" relationship between some outside vendors where patients are sent to recieve medical services and durable medical equipment. Essentially they are stealing part of the patient base that we've worked for years to build and denying the Vet access by making it such a hassle. I'm demanding it be looked into by my congressman. I'm tired of trying to fix it by talking to people at the VA who just look at you, tell you a story of how to fix it. They just shine you on. Then you do what they say and you get the same result. Nothing.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

America Your Government Has Betrayed You

There was a time in America where I and hundreds of millions of Americans believed in Duty, Honor, Service to Country and others. I'm sad to say those days are gone.  Why pledge those things to a country who's clearly intent on destroying itself from within, and has no respect for it's own citizens? Why pledge your alligence to a government that values the foreigners over it's own citizens? Why pleadge your alligence to a government that gives you tax dollars to suport our enemies? America your government is full of psychopaths who are hell  bend on destroying us as a nation and a culture. Will we lay here a let them do it? Or will we finally have to fight? Those are the dominating questions in my mind, and in the minds of millions of patriotic Americas today. The sense of betrayal by our own government is almost more than a citizen should have to bare. The current regime places our resources in the hands of those who don't belong here. Those who came here illegally and them expect Americans who have our own needs that need to be met just to shut the hell up and pay for all the worlds problems, and take in all the worlds sick. While on it's surface it all sounds wonderfull, but in reality it's not possible. Especially at the expense of your own population who's struggling under poor job, tax, and energy and immigration policies put in place by the left to crush our economy and our culture. I no longer have a sense of Duty, Honor or Service to this nation that has betrayed me and millions of other like me. They've demonstrated they have none to me.  Americans have been abandoned in the very country we build and sacrificed for by our own government. It's dispicable what's been allowed to happen to our country and our culture. The sad part is it is all self enflicted by crooked politicians pandering to the uneducated, unfiformed, low life's of our society. Instead of pandering to Achievers who have the knowledge and skills to create opporunties for those who aren't as fortunate with what life gave them to work with. Not all men are equal in skills, intelligence, drive, motivations. The founders knew that. I know that. However they are equal as men and woman who deserve a chance to grow their skills, chase their dreams, make themselves more valuable in the free market , so that someday if they wish they can have their own business and give the next an opportunity to prosper and grow. That's what build America.  The win win. Liberals would rather take from those who've achieved and simply give it to someone with no skill, no desires, no motivations to contribute to themselves or society. Hense here is the mess we are in. Americans are angrier than ever and it's only a matter of time before they come unglued. People here just like people anyplace else are going to take much more of these Ant-America anti capitalism policies without there being serious consequences for our country and the world. America used to be the shining city on the hill because we believed in sound, moral, scriptural principles for all. We had standards and principles we tried very hard to adhere to. Those principles and standards haven't vanished. What's vanished are the men who uphold those standards and principles. The standard of the right of the individual to be free and pursue his right to happiness while providing opportunity for others along the way. They've stolen that from you America. If you don't see it you're as blind as a bat. It's past time to rise up. Someone just let me know where the retired general is putting together the army to restore America. My duffles ready. I old, fat, but mostly able. It's time to stop the madness America. It really is

Thursday, July 31, 2014

VA Night-Mare in White City,OR

I've recently had to call on the Veterans Administration for some help for a very serious health issue. 

What started out Ok I thought has turned into a night-mare. Everything from the care, to the way they do their billing is just nuts. 

Originally diagnosed with this condition in January 2012 by the Portland,OR VA

I had a biopsy done, and a radiation treatment plan put in place that was done at OHSU

Later scans confirmed that lytic leasions were spreading

Second bout of radiation was done locally in Medford, OR after another biopsy confirmed same type of cancer, different spot

Then headaches started to appear. More scans revealed lytic skull leasions and Boney leasions of the ribs and sternum. 

Chemo was recommended by my oncologist from the Portland, OR Veterans Hospital in conjunction with OHSU oncology for multiple myeloma

The Portland Veterans hospital told me that the only way to receive chemo from the VA was to drive to Portland, OR once a week for 16 weeks. 

I'm still of working age. Portland is a 500 mile round trip. Do the math on the money, down time from work, and try to do that while undergoing chemo. 

I then contacted my congressman about getting my treatmeants done locally. After a number of phone calls and letters it was authorized to be done locally, but it cost over a month in delay in my treatmeants and the lady who called me back to tell me the treatmeants had been authorized locally was a total witch on the phone towards me. Talked to me like I was a price of garbage off the street for having pushed this issue. I was shocked at the attitudes displayed towards me. She basically tried to a scould me for requesting this. 

Now I'm under the care of a local oncologist. I'm having severe pain issues in my sternum. So bad it hurts to have a bowel movement. This Dr writes me an RX for pain meds, sends it to the white City VA pharmacy to be filled. The nurse from the primary care team then tells me I need to come see the Dr at the VA before they would fill my pain pill RX rather than just filling it and it will be a week for an appointment. In the mean time the pains so bad I'm having trouble breathing

There is a real problem in the culture at the VA hospital. These people don't seem to understand who's the boss here. The bosses are the Vets not the staff of the VA

The attitude I've had displayed towards me in the last few weeks from The White City VA hospital is unacceptable. Initially I had good reviews to give to the VA, but the more serious my condition becomes, I have less and less patience for their bullshit. 

America the VA healthcare system needs to just go away and vets need to be seen by private, professional healthcare providers who know how to treat patients. I'm shocked at how poorly I've been treated in the last few weeks just trying to get much needed pain medications. I honestly don't even want to return to the VA, but I won't have a choice. 

The place is fast becoming full of freaks. Everthing from tatoos, crap hanging out of peoples faces, to just an attitude of give me my check I work at the VA and I'll treat you Vets how I think you should be treated. The place has just gotten bizzzar. The culture is that of some far off left wing society where blue hair and pixey dust are normal. 

Disgusted with the VA 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

KBR, Burn Pits, Vets & DOD Contractors

So if the Supreme Court does say they are immune, what happens to all of us who worked as DOD Contractors who they knowingly poisoned. The proof is everywhere in letters from Generals stating the air quality was so bad there would be long term health effects, to all the guys Vets & DOD Contractors alike now showing up sick by the thousands because of this. If you're a vet you can file a VA Claim, if you're a Contractor you can file a DBA claim and get to spend an afternoon with some high priced KBR attorney slapping you around like you're some kind of criminal. Trying to build a case that the joint you may have smoked 25yrs ago is what given you multiple myeloma. It's all about getting KBR off. It's not about the truth. I'm going to tell you the truth. 

We suffered what I consider to be four major exposures

1. The sewage pit that probably 5 or 10 acres in size, maybe bigger, maybe smaller. It's a biological super stew that is on the west end of kandahar airbase. It's 130 degrees with prevailing winds out of the west, southwest. The whole base is, was covered in dried human feces. Ever surface you touch, every breath you took you inhaled human shit. God knows what decease people had or have that troops are breathing into their lungs, touching their faces, rubbing their eyes, eating food with dust falling from the ceilings of the tents that's contaminated with human waste. It's no joke that's how it was in 2003 and I believe still is today. Just google it 

2. Bottled water contaminated with tritinuim. The EPA say it causes bone cancer. While I was there we had an incident where we were drinking off pallets of bottled water for a week or so. Then one morning we woke to find yellow caution tape around the pallets with skull & cross bones sign telling us not to drink the water it was highly radioactive. I only ever saw one little story about that in the Stars & Stripes saying that the system of randomly checking the safety of the water was working. My question is how many of those contaminated pallets of bottled water got through, considering I now have bone cancer which the EPA says can be caused by tritinuim, which is what the water was contaminated with. Go figure 

3. Depleted uranium dust from armor peircing munitions & up armor on vehicles. Uranium is radioactive. The whole dam place is a dust bowl. How many millions of those rounds were expelled? Common sense tells you the place is covered in uranium dust. We were there. We breathed the air. Now we have all kinds of weird cancers, but they have to study this problem to see if that's why thousands of us are coming up sick with cancer. 

4. Last but not least but probably the most significant contributor was and or is the Burn Pits the military uses to dispose of all the waste from the base. The military has everything and that's what went into the burn pit "Everything". The air quality was so bad there were days you'd vomit. Sometimes the fumes would even drop you to your knees, your eyes would water, your nose would burn and run. This pit was and or is located on the south, southwest side of the base with the prevailing winds out of the west, southwest. This pit was and or is set a fire every night. It burns all night and smouldered all day with fumes and smoke drifting all over the base. It was were we lived, it was where we worked. You couldn't escape it even if you tried

So my high priced whatever the fuck your name was KBR attorney who spent four hours slapping me around trying to pin my illness on my former military service of 30 something years ago, or the joint I may have smoked 20 something years ago somehow gave me plasmacytoma that's progressed into multiple myeloma where now I need chemo therapy and a bone marrow transplant in hopes I might live. Fuck you KBR attorney. There are thousands of us and someone's going to pay for my healthcare and that of all the others and compinsate us for what you stole from us. Our lives. What's that worth. There not enough money to compensate us for the years taken from our lives, the hardships this negligence has placed on our families both emotional and monetarily. Take you paycheck My KBR attorney. Sleep well...We didn't all just wake up one day and decided to be sick and then blame someone. I was diagnosed, then went to the internet to research my illness. That research led me to a website Then it clicked as to what is the most likely source of my illness and the illnesses of thousands. Common sense tells any normal thinking person what's happened. Is it KBR's fault? I don't know & I really don't care who's "Fault" it is. The fact is DOD Contractors who are mostly veterans themselves are being kicked to the curb in all the proposed legislation proposals. I'm not going allow this to happen. We will be care for and we will be compensated for the negligence. By who? I don't know, but I think it's unbelievable that all of us are getting fucked because of the negligence of whom ever decided to burn toxins, and put a sewage pond in such close proximity to the base. It was and is pure stupidity. Funny these days think of the stupidest thing that could be done in a situation and the government and the military will do it. Then throw in the greed factor of corporations that will do whatever to profit. It's a dangerous mix. Wars a dirty business I understand, but incompetence and knowingly, recklessly, and needlessly endangering the lives and health of people is unacceptable. Someone's responsible.       

Monday, July 14, 2014

Putin on Muslims


Vladimir Putin on Muslims


No wonder he was selected by Forbes as the most powerful person in the world!! This is one time our elected leaders should pay attention to the advice of Vladimir Putin. I would suggest that not only our leaders but every citizen of USA should pay attention to this advice. How scary is that? It is a sad day when a Communist makes more sense than our LEADERS but here it is!!!!


Vladimir Putin's speech – HIS SHORTEST SPEECH EVER.


On August 04, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:


“In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim's then we advise them to go to those places where that's the state law.


Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell 'discrimination'. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.


When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.”


The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.


If you keep this to yourself, you are part of the problem!





Friday, July 4, 2014

How Stupid Are You America?

How stupid do they think we are? Evidently they think you are stupid enough to believe this. I find it totally insulting that they think I am that stupid. The problem is I'll bet half of America may buy this bullshit. I promise you If I sent "You" an email and it landed in "Your" inbox,unless "You" or some one else trashed or deleted it "You" now have that email. So don't pull this bullshit the Lois Lerner emails have just magically   proofed into fairy dust and are now scattered by the wind and never recoverable. Get everyone's email she corresponded with. You'll find those emails, I promise you. If I had the money to put up I'd  pay at least a million in a reward to ever produced them. You?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Don't want to Kill You Buzz This 4th

My wife came home pissed. She went to the store to buy a few groceries this evening. There was a woman in front of her swiping her SNAP food stamp card trying to get cash with no purchase. The woman then got angry when the clerk told her she couldn't do that. She then grabs a pack of gum off the stand, throws in on the checkout and says "Fine let's just make it easy" she then swiped her SNAP card to pay for the gum and requested $25 cash back, and got it. 

Is there something wrong with me that I think this is outrageous?

Has this country completely lost it's mind?

Is this realy the country you want to live in? One where you buy the groceries for your family and two others?

I mean this place is a total friggin shambles and we will be lucky if we survive the mentality of I'm taking your stuff and giving it to someone else. 

Why the hell work?

That's the attitude that's been fostered to people about 35 and below. They're simply a product of a public school system that's been used by the left to indoctrinate the youth

It's not a new tactic. The NAZIs used it quit effectively. 

If you don't see how utterly sinister the federal government has become. God better help you, because no one else can. You're ass is blind as a bat and crazy as a rat.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Is This What The Founders Had In Mind?

Well it's Sunday. Been a grueling week. On the way to Safeway to buy some steaks while we still can. This country has become an interesting place. I mean where else do you go on the planet, go across the boarder of a nation. Then have that nations population pay (While they can hardly pay their own bills) for your housing, food, clothing, and medical care?  The country doesn't care for it's own population but it will fund terrorists, give aid to countries that hate us? I'm totally confused here as to who's side "Our" government is on, because it's not ours. They bury us in debt and taxes, we don't utilize the resources God gave us to create jobs and wealth. I'm confused as to how they continue to lie and manipulate this nations economy and it's people. Yet nothing happens to this lawless, unamerican, unconstitutional government. How long will it be before lead starts flying. I'm not condoning or wanting that, but when all of the branches of government have failed to do the will of the people. The founders put the second amendment in the constitution for just this reason. How long before the people exercise their legal and moral obligation to fix this. It's clearly not what the founders intended for our nation. It just isn't.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vets and DOD Contractors Getting Screwed

Today I'm sitting here and just wondering. I'm wondering about how out of control this all is. There are many hundreds if not thousands of people Veterans and DOD contractors who served in Iraq & Afghanistan who now have serious to life threatening health conditions. We survived the war only to have it follow us home in the form of strange and bizarre illnesses none of us would have ever acquired if it wasn't for our participation in the war. There were what I and many others consider to be major contributing factors if not the direct cause of our illnesses. 

1. On Kandahar airbase currently the five acre open sewage pit is located right in the middle of the base. When I was there in 2003-2005 it was right at the west end of the base. The base has since grown and the sewage pit is right smack dab in the middle of the base (Just google it). The prevailing winds came from the west, to southwest. This literally blew dried human feces with the dust all over the base and every contact surface you'd touch. Whoever the genius was that devised this plan should be court marshaled and jailed for sheer stupidity and endangering the health of all of us on the base unnecessarily. Who know who had what kind of diseases.    

2. The burn pit was located just meters southwest of the base and sewage pit. In this pit was put all of the days waste the base produced. This waste included  anything you can think of. This pit was then set on fire every evening by dousing it with diesel fuel and it was set afire. Large dark plums of obnoxious smelling stuff would drift over the base all the time. Keep in mind the prevailing winds come from the west, southwest. The pit burned and smouldered 24 hrs a day. Sometimes we'd vomit from the fumes. Again the moron who planned this should be prosecuted for sheer stupidity. You can't have a landfill next to a residential area for a reason let one one that's set on fire and burns 24/7. 

3. Depleted uranium is now used for some reason in armor piercing munitions. Uranium is radioactive. The whole dam place is covered in depleted uranium dust which we all breathed. What do you think happens to people who breath that?

4. We drank bottled water that was contaminated with tritium some kind of radioactive element that the EPA says causes cancer. We drank this bottled water the whole time I was there. Then one day we went out to get the water and there was yellow caution tape around the pallets of water and a sign warning us not to drink the water it was highly radioactive. The pallets just quietly disappeared with no further mention of the incident except a small article in the army times saying it posed no know immediate health risks. The article then when on to say how wonderful their system of random sampling was and they caught it. Really then how come we were drinking it for two weeks? And how many other pallets of this contaminated water got through your wonderful random samplings?  How come after drinking this water contaminated with tritium I now have multiple myeloma?

This dam country is out of control. They send us to supposedly defend freedom & democracy. Then they turn around and give millions to know terrorist organizations yet they don't want to admit that there negligence has caused serious life threatening disease to fall upon those of us who do their dirty work. We give millions if not billions of dollars to illegal aliens, but when a Vet or DOD contractor who has served needs to be cared for they will make them drive 500 miles round trip for chemo-therapy that their negligence caused and then tell him he needs after 3 to 4 months of chemo then stay in Seattle for a month for a bone marrow transplant?  The vet or DOD contractor won't have a home or life to return to if he lives. This is unacceptable to me. Is it acceptable to you?



Sunday, June 8, 2014

How Much More?

How much more will the American population take of this dictatorship style government that's unfolding before our very eyes? I submit to you that it's over for the left. The affordable care act has done something forgien to Americans. The government has intruded into a very private and personal relationship, that between you and your doctor. They have and are using government agencies to stifle political speach, they have lied to us at a scale like we've never seen before, the forgien policy of our nation and relationships with our allies are a disaster, the list goes on and on as to how the personal freedoms and liberties of the individual's rights are being violated and yet they have the nerve to try and tell other governments of the world how not to tread on their citizens while they use us as the pavement on their road to tyranny. It appalling to me this is continuing. Fortunately the founders put in place the first & second amendments. These amendments hopefully will ensure the survival of our values, our culture, and our liberties. If the first amendment doesn't save us by allowing the opposition to the current regime to win in the arena of ideas in this next election to get our country tracking it's only a matter of time before citizens will be simply forced to exercise their second amendment rights against the regime that now occupies Washington DC so America can be restored to her true state which is where the individual's freedom and liberty out weight that of the collective. You see it's the individual that makes up the collective and if the individual is strong and morally upright our nation will be that way. The left has it ass backwards. They think you have to intrude upon the individuals right to pursue happiness and redistribute that. It has failed and will always fail because it's simply immoral to take something from someone who's earned their spot in this world and give it to someone who hasn't. That system ensures only those in Washington DC live the good life, while they spread misery on the rest of us. My hope is this next election cycle will absolutely destroy the left in America for centuries. If the election doesn't go to the right I fear the only way to retake the nation will have to come in the shape of an armed revolt by the citizens who'll have both a moral and a legal obligation to exercise their second amendment rights in order to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America and to ensure the way of life we all cherish, one of individual freedom and liberty. After all that's why America became the great nation she was. The individuals right to pursue their dreams and that in turn creates the opportunities for others to pursue theirs. That's something the left in America can't or won't grasp because strong individuals are simply a threat to them.  Good day....

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Whats a Real American?

What is an American? An American is a person who believes all men are created equal regardless of the color of their skin. Real Americans do judge a man by the content of their character & not by the color of their skin. Real Americans believe in limited government and the power of the individual to change the world with a great idea or invention. Real Americans believe in possibilities. Possibilities without the fear of government intervention to stifle our dreams. Real Americans achieve great things and inspire others to strive to create opportunities for others to achieve. That's the America I know. That's the America I believe in. I believe in the power of the individual who when he or she achieves helps others to achieve. America was built on the win win. That's the America I know. Not the pitiful place we have today. Make sure you vote. Vote with all your heart. Vote to restore America to it's rightful place in the world. Vote to restore America to the shining city in the hill that all aspire to be part of. God bless America and all those who still believe in her. Those who believe in God almighty himself and live within his rules will prosper! No excuses permitted. That's the real America, not the one of today which is filled with political correctness of the worse kind. Real Americans achieve with God almighty by their side. That's the America I know. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Facebook Post to Allen West

My post to Allen West

You know Allen. I honestly believe the words of Martin Luther King "Judge a man by the content of his character not the color of his skin" as do most all Americas. It's shameful to me that the country who just elected Barrack Hussien Obama to what used to be the most powerful moral position on the planet is now a nation of raciest & bigots because we dare to criticize his policies, decisions, & actions. I'd be proud to have you & or Ben Carson lead our nation as would most Americans. Obama has so damage race relations in our nation he's set us back decades. The left constantly preys on the poor, uniformed, uneducated to advance their agenda it's disgraceful. Real leaders raise & train their people up they don't give them excuses to not achieve. Everything seems to be upside down here. It's like we are in the battle & we need a commander who can bring order out of a total mess. Barrack Obama has disgraced the office of the presidency. I would hope America sees past the color of your skin. I certainly do. We need guys like you who can lead. Love ya man!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

What's Coming Our Way

I didn't write this, I do however think it's accurate. 

I do also believe the govt is either testing to see how far the population can be pushed OR goading to cause an insurrection so that they can institute Martial Law, either way the people lose and the screws get tighter.. db

So, when's the revolution?

Exclusive: Patrice Lewis asks of government, 'Do they want us to snap?'  Published: April 25, 2014


by Patrice Lewis

The horrifying headlines were coming so thick and fast this month it was hard to keep up:

•         “Feds want your mental health records”

•         “Judge says ordinary tools are actually weapons”

•         “Hundred of thousands of New Yorkers refuse to register so-called ‘assault weapons’ ahead of April 15 deadline”

•         “Treasury now seizing tax refunds from adult children to pay parents’ decades-old Social Security debts”

•         “EPA SWAT team raids gold miners in Alaska”

•         “Harry Reid defends ‘domestic terrorists’ comments”

•         “FBI visiting gun shops to investigate ‘people talking about big government’”

•         “Armed Fed raid prompted by safety rules”

•         CNN op-ed claims right-wingers ‘more deadly than jihadists’”

•         “Legal fight against no-knock SWAT warrants explodes into open”

Believe me, I could add hundreds more. Similar governmental tactics seem to be used in most of these situations: verbal taunting; turning law-abiding citizens into criminals at the stroke of a pen; a strong show of force, often hugely out of proportion to the nature of the alleged crime; an air of violent intimidation; and a suspension of constitutional rights, including First, Second, Third and Fourth (not to mention 10th).

I think it should be fairly clear by now that the purpose of the many government agencies is not to protect us, but instead to intimidate citizens with their Gestapo brown-shirt tactics. At some point, something’s going to snap; and when it does, it will be ugly.

I wonder if the government has any idea of what kind of anger is building in Real America? People are saying things like: “We have an out-of-control government which no longer even pretends to serve its people.” “I am starting to hate this government.” “We are just a few degrees away from accusing people of witchcraft and publicly hanging them in the town square.”

It seems atrocity is piling on top of atrocity. It’s getting to the point where there’s rage out there. This can’t go on. Something has to give. And when it does … well, as one person put it simply, “Buy guns.”

What I don’t understand is why they’re pushing us to the breaking point. What kind of deep dark reason do they have to keep taunting and stomping on us in such an unconstitutional manner? Do they want us to snap?

You see, I believe none of this is accidental. All the incidents listed above, and hundreds more besides, are clearly deliberate and have a goal of accomplishing … something. The government is poking at the American people. Poke poke poke poke. It’s like they’re trying to goad us into making the first violent move so they can feel justified in retaliating with breathtaking brutality.

I’ve said over and over again, I’m not big on conspiracy theories; yet our government has demonstrated that even the most far-off whacked-out theories can, in fact, come true. So what are we supposed to conclude by this? Why are citizens – most of whom only want to be left alone to make a living and raise our families in peace – being branded as “domestic terrorists” whenever we question government tactics? We have an alphabet soup of government agencies (NSA, DOE, FDA, EPA, IRS, DEA, BLM, CIA, FBI, NPS, TSA, DHS, CIA, DNR, USDA, DOT, NFS, ATF, CPS, FEMA, etc.), many of whom have their own SWAT teams… and they call us domestic terrorists?

At some point, it’s going to come to a head. At some point, the government will push too far, and We the People will finally snap. At what point does the shooting begin? At what point will people look an EPA official in the eye and say, “NO. No more. Leave me alone”? I hope and pray it doesn’t come down to a shooting war – I hate violence – but let’s just say it wouldn’t surprise me if it did. And it horrifies me to say this.

The trouble with shooting wars, of course, is that so many innocent people get hurt. But then, lots and lots of innocent people are getting hurt in this “non-shooting” war that’s already been declared against We the People, so I guess nothing much will change.

And yet government seems eager to bring it on. Eager to incite the populace. Eager to have blood on its hands. When a revolution happens, whose hands will be dirtiest? The citizen’s, or the government’s?

I can’t help but examine this long train of abuses and usurpations and then remember how many billions of rounds of ammunition the federal government has purchased – and draw some very uneasy conclusions.

As Capitalism Institute put it, “Many of us have given thought to the possibility of a new American Revolution. While it is certainly not preferable, the nation is reaching a tipping point of unsustainability when it comes to the progressive liberal assault on our Constitution, our liberty and freedom, and our inherent rights. Big government continues to grow to ever greater heights, all seemingly at the expense of normal American citizens and future generations. This can’t continue forever.”

And Brandon Smith writes, “Tyranny leaves lasting scars, and each tyrannical act results in an accumulation of wounds on the public psyche that do not heal. In the end, a single event can become a trigger to unleash a torrent of rage pent up in a population for years or decades. … Do the elites want to stir up insurgency in order to give pretense for a larger crackdown? They very well might. But it is transparent in the way they try to mitigate dissent and offer placation that they do not want a rebellion larger than they can manage. I think it is far too late for that. I think they’ve pi**ed off too many people, instead of just enough people. I think that though most pretend-Americans will do nothing but watch in horror or hide in their hovels, the size of resistance to the tides of despotism is growing far beyond common realizations. And, when this resistance erupts, it will shock even those who fully expect it.”

Please … never forget the prophetic words of Thomas Jefferson: “In questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.”

We HAVE to revive the Constitution! It’s either that or revolution. I vastly prefer the former to the latter.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vote to Take America Back from Liberals

Here you are America. You have what I see as your first affirmative action president. A person with little to no experience in the real world who operates in the realm of fantasy and ideology rather than reality. Please America I'm begging you to cast an intelligent well thought out vote in the upcoming midterm elections. If you don't your country will continue on this downward spiral into the abyss of poverty and misery. Obama and the left continue to preach this equality bullshit. The truth is every person in America IS already equal in the eyes of the law. That is unless you're a Democrat or a liberal. The fact is in America we are all equal, equal as people under the law. However not everyone is equal in intelligence, drive, physical ability or creativity. Can you image a country where every one was equally stupid. Keep up the policies of what these idiots are pushing and you'll have a country full of morons. You'll have no new invitations like the internet, the PC, the iPhone just to name a few. Our country has started a very dangerous journey a journey to nowhere if you continue to vote for Democrats. I'll be the first to agree republicans are far from perfect, and the old leadership needs to go, but even in their current state are a much more intelligent choice to shape the direction of our nation.  I promise you if you cast a vote for anyone with a D behind their name you are screwing yourself and your grandchildren. If we continue on this path of "Equality" for all there won't be anyone here with the money to have a company that you can work, thrive and pursue your own dreams. The world just within the last 8 yrs of Obama "Foreign Policy" has become a more dangerous place because he's a limp dick president who's hasn't a clue as to the reality of global threats to "You". That's right "You" not just your country "You". Believe it or not there are those that wish to do you harm simply because "You" are American and supposedly "Free". America if you're stupid enough to vote for any Democratic candidate again I guess we will just have to chalk it up to the law of natural selection because you will have proven yourselves to stupid to survive. A lot like being so stupid as to crossing a busy freeway in the middle of the night without even looking. You will certainly be run over, and deservedly so. The government is using regulatory agencies as weapons against "You" to restrict what "You" can and can't do. They have overstepped the bounds of what governments role is in America. How much more of this shit will you tolerate before millions of you march on the streets and ransack every government building you can find? My gut tells me it's not far off if the direction doesn't change fast. Wake the hell up America. You live in tyranny now and it's only going to get worse unless "You" vote and vote by the millions. Grap a friend who's uninvolved and out of touch with politics. Bend their ear. I was shocked when I had a conversation with a guy I considered to be pretty sharp. He was clueless as to current state of what attacks were being made on his personal liberties. They just hadn't effected him "Yet". America your economy is on the way to devastation. You are on your way to civil war. You are on you way to poverty and misery if you don't change your ways. So please America, go with the vehicle that got us where we were. The United States constitution and cast you vote for those who vow to uphold it. The United States constitution is the greatest human rights document ever written as it was inspired by God himself and written with biblically sound principles. "The laws of the cosmos" if that suites you better. You can't violate natural law without consequences and that's what democrats and the left try to do. They try to violate the natural state of man. That natural state of man is "Freedom" when you violate a mans "Freedom" only bad things can happen.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time to Regulate Liberal Vegetarians

New report: The earths axis will be changed by 30 degrees and we will all parish due to methane being expelled by frizzy haired, eye glass wearing, Prius driving, over educated vegetarians. What should we do about this. If we don't do something soon we are all doomed. It's time we start regulating liberal vegetarians.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Republican Response to State of the Union

I missed the state of the union, but I did see the Republican response. Gee I wonder why the Republicans always get their asses handed to them. I didn't see Obamas speach of lies and propaganda tonight. I didn't have to. I'm sure it was the same old bullshit, however I did get to catch the Republican response by the nice Sunday school teacher, and she was nice. That's the problem. You don't deal with the left nicely. You get in their face, you confront them with truth and expose their lies. The Sunday school teacher did nothing but tell us her nice little story of being a mom NOT WHAT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OR THE COUNTRY NEEDS. We need a real asshole who does care how CNN, ABC, CBS, MSLSD reports on what he says or does. I'm so sick of a party of pussies, and that's what the Republicans have become. The party of girleymen. Where are the men? Where are the guys who'll flat get in the face of the Democrats passionately. Where are the guys that will tell the left to just go straight to hell?  This is America! The land of the free & the home of the brave, or at least it used to be. What a pathetic Republican response.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Freedoms at Risk in America

Sitting here pondering the income equality thing in depth Obama and the left keep preaching while they all spend our tax dollars flying around in jets, eating steak, throwing private parties at the White House. Think how delusional these people are. Think about their philosophy. Their philosophy is everyone's equal and we are going to make it that way by imposing our will on you economically & politically. Someone who spends several years pursuing a medical degree. He spends the money for his education, graduates, and becomes a Dr. This could apply to any chosen profession. Now he's worth the same in the market place as someone who sits on their ass and smokes dope all day, fathers several children with no way to Suport them? That's what Obama and the left believe. They believe that these two guys are of equal value in the market place. How stupid do you have to be to buy this shit. Why would you become a Dr. Lawyer, architect, engineer? I saw this is the ex-Soviet block country of Uzbekistan. There's no incentive to be better, because it doesn't benefit you or your family. You're stuck in the same shit hole as the guy who sweeps the streets. End result you have no Drs. Lawyers, engineers, architects. Their society crumbled. That's the poison Obama and the left are pushing right down your throat and up your ass America. It's a culture of misery and poverty with no way out. When they talk about equality it's not possible. Some people are smart, some are stupid, some are average, but all are equal as human beings in the eyes of God and all should be treated with dignity and respect. Socialism is the most disrespectful thing you could do to a people. It's the smart that give the jobs to the stupid. It's the rich that give jobs to the poor. In a socialist system you have just misery because all will be poor except the elite who've stolen all from the people they claimed to have wanted to help. America you had better wake the hell up. This current government is as dangerous as any on the planet to you. Probably more dangerous given our level of technology.  If you're one of the brain dead idiots who buy into this ideology then God better help you because I can't. America you are on the edge of a disaster like you've never seen if you don't put the breaks on this government however it needs to be done. I won't be the guy to fire the first shot to regain our freedom, but I know this, whoever does I'm on their side. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How The Russian Beat The Germans at Leningrad

You can't make this stuff up. Real life....

Ever had a day?

Where your wife's cranky first thing in the AM for some reason. Don't have a clue

Haven't been able to drive to your own house since Friday

Wife decides she wants to go grocery shopping rather than making do

Then the feud erupts as to how do they get the groceries to the top of the hill.  

Her way..... Old school Russian. Put your crap on a kart and tote it up the hill through the snow

His way....... Go get the yard tractor with the little trailer and simply drive that to tote the groceries

She gets the cart ready to do it her way at the bottom of the drive

He's pissed she's not listening to his logical simple way to do it

She unloads the cart and proceeds to put the groceries on the cart

He walks off telling her he's going to get the tractor. He has to walk to the house to get the key to the gate. At least 3/8 of a mile and it's cold

She starts dragging the groceries up the icy snow covered drive, cussing him the whole way

He gets to the gate and gets the mower out just as she is at the gate to the shop about 3/8 mile from the house

She argues let's just pull it and we will be done

He says nonsense why tote these like that. Loads groceries in kart

She's pissed

He try's to drive tractor. Tractor don't go

He try's different things he thinks will get him moving. They don't work. Now the tractors out of gas. He has to now walk another 3/8th of a mile to get gas

She takes the groceries out on the cart and continues to the house

He's stuck with the tractor out of gas, stuck. Has to push tractor off drive that others use that's covered in ice and snow. He's pissed

She's in the warm house putting the groceries away. Warm. 

He has to now walk 3/8 of a mile freezing his ass off. Toting a 5 gal full jug of gas. It's 3/8 of a mile, one way up hill on a drive slipperier than snot on a glass door knob. 

She rubs it in her way was better

He's pissed goes to hot tub. Comes back and the laugh together about the whole thing

Moral of the story

That's why why the Nazi got their asses kicked at Leningrad. Simplicity, determination and belief  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

America The Land of the Freeloaders

Went to Walmart tonight to get a few things. I remember why I hate going there. People in front of us, cell phones, body piercings, tattoos, buying soda and a bunch of crap with a little baby in the cart. Then I saw how they paid. It infuriates me we keep subsidizing peoples groceries. Nobody subsidizes mine. No wonder we can't find anybody that wants to work they've made it pretty comfortable not to. The left is destroying this country with their hand outs. Hand outs they steal from you and I. People who have busted their asses, persevered through very hard times & worked to become successful get the shaft in this country. We are treated as if we are the problem. I've got news for you morons on the left the whole reason you have anything is because of guys like me that produce it and we are getting fed up with you stealing our stuff. You've pushed us to far. Way to far. We are going to start rounding you up and ship you off to some dam island someplace and let you fend for yourselves. You pathetic bags of crap that think it's my job to feed & clothe your families make me want to vomit. I've had it up to my eyeballs with people who think their entitled to tax payers money. What's worse is we have a government who advertises for you to come get on welfare.  How much more if this shit do we need to take. The land of movers & shakers is fast becoming the land of losers & takers. All I want from my government is to be left the hell alone & quit giving hand outs to people who aren't truly in need all your doing is enabling demoralizing behaviors & using my tax dollars to do it. How pathetic is that. America land of the freeloaders.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Black Leadership In America

The black community in America has many very successful individuals. Many great men, yet they choose scoundrels like Barrack Hussein Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpen just to name a few. There are many more racist on the list, but I stop there. Why are these people, and people like them the voice of blacks in America. I'll tell you why. Because great guys like Allen West, Herman Cain, will tell you to get off your ass and get a job, go better yourself. It's not the governments job to pay your bills, it's yours. They are for personal excellence, and personal responsibility. Jackson and his crowd need victims. Victims they create by preying on the poor and uneducated. They constantly tell them it's the fault of the white man you're on welfare, live in government housing when the exact opposite is true. People like Jackson are the scourge of the black community. These people keep racism alive and well to line their own pockets. Obama is just as bad if not worse. I've never seen such a divisive, destruct environment in America intentionally created by the President of the United States of America. Black America why don't you vote for someone worthy? Up to now you've got nothing but racist assholes that do nothing but screw you, and our country.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Political Correctness, War, Lone Survivor

We went to see the movie "Lone Survivor" last night. If you haven't seen it, you need to. If it doesn't give you a deep appreciation of how fantastic our special ops guys are I can't help you. I walked away with some messages The first on was "Get The F$&k Up" no matter what. You're not done until you're dead. The other message was these guys had to make a battle field decision that cost them their lives, based on political correctness rather than on the tactical necessity of completing their mission and eliminating those who compromised their mission. The commander had to worry about what CNN would say if they eliminated the two Taliban who ended up compromising their mission and in the end their lives. Can you image if we gave a rats ass about what the world thought of us in WWII? You'd be speaking German or Japanese. When we send our troops into harms way their sole mission should be to kill the enemy before he kills you period. Having troops second guess who they eliminate and who they don't on the battlefield gets our guys killed and we will ultimately lose the battle and or the war. The way you win war is with pure brutality and acts that are unspeakable. It's war. It's the most nasty, most primitive, most horrendous thing you can ask a man to do is take the life of another in the most violent ways. That's why it should always be a last resort. It's also why when you go to war you go with the mentality of a warrior not one of a politician. America when our troops are sent to the battlefield expect them to kill the enemy and win the war. Don't expect them to be politically correct. That's crueler than the brutality of war. Give a guy a mission and a gun, then tell him he needs to worry about what the liberal media and the world will think of you if you have to whack a teenager who's obviously on the side of the enemy. We have worsified our armed forces because they fear the consequences of doing the job they were sent to do. That type of mentality cost the lives of our guys not theirs. The left has weakened our military in so many ways. This has weakened our national security. I promise you if an airplane full of Taliban jumped into the hills of southern Oregon with a mission, and they were discovered by an American teenage boy they wouldn't just let him go. They would at the very least kill him instantly to maintain the integrity of their mission. That's war. America when we go to war the next time, and there will be a next time we had better go with an attitude more brutal and nasty than our enemies or you'll be speaking their language and living under their rules. That's war and that's why you don't commit peoples lives to such a horrible endeavor and expect them to act civilized because war isn't civilized. It's war. Having the enemy know you'll rip his guts out an eat them in front if their children will stifle them wanting to ever screw with you. It's called peace through strength. It works. Knowing if you mess with America you'll get the shit kicked out if you instantly detours aggression. Meek means strength with restraint. Should we exercise our strength upon other countries unjustifiably? Of course not, but knowing if you screw with us we don't care what you or the world thinks. We will rain holly terror upon your people and your land in a righteous way that preserves freedom and liberty on our land and our people. We need leadership in DC that understands this. We don't need what we have now. Barrack Hussein Obama and the left are our national security threat.