Saturday, May 17, 2014

Whats a Real American?

What is an American? An American is a person who believes all men are created equal regardless of the color of their skin. Real Americans do judge a man by the content of their character & not by the color of their skin. Real Americans believe in limited government and the power of the individual to change the world with a great idea or invention. Real Americans believe in possibilities. Possibilities without the fear of government intervention to stifle our dreams. Real Americans achieve great things and inspire others to strive to create opportunities for others to achieve. That's the America I know. That's the America I believe in. I believe in the power of the individual who when he or she achieves helps others to achieve. America was built on the win win. That's the America I know. Not the pitiful place we have today. Make sure you vote. Vote with all your heart. Vote to restore America to it's rightful place in the world. Vote to restore America to the shining city in the hill that all aspire to be part of. God bless America and all those who still believe in her. Those who believe in God almighty himself and live within his rules will prosper! No excuses permitted. That's the real America, not the one of today which is filled with political correctness of the worse kind. Real Americans achieve with God almighty by their side. That's the America I know. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Facebook Post to Allen West

My post to Allen West

You know Allen. I honestly believe the words of Martin Luther King "Judge a man by the content of his character not the color of his skin" as do most all Americas. It's shameful to me that the country who just elected Barrack Hussien Obama to what used to be the most powerful moral position on the planet is now a nation of raciest & bigots because we dare to criticize his policies, decisions, & actions. I'd be proud to have you & or Ben Carson lead our nation as would most Americans. Obama has so damage race relations in our nation he's set us back decades. The left constantly preys on the poor, uniformed, uneducated to advance their agenda it's disgraceful. Real leaders raise & train their people up they don't give them excuses to not achieve. Everything seems to be upside down here. It's like we are in the battle & we need a commander who can bring order out of a total mess. Barrack Obama has disgraced the office of the presidency. I would hope America sees past the color of your skin. I certainly do. We need guys like you who can lead. Love ya man!