Saturday, August 2, 2014

America Your Government Has Betrayed You

There was a time in America where I and hundreds of millions of Americans believed in Duty, Honor, Service to Country and others. I'm sad to say those days are gone.  Why pledge those things to a country who's clearly intent on destroying itself from within, and has no respect for it's own citizens? Why pledge your alligence to a government that values the foreigners over it's own citizens? Why pleadge your alligence to a government that gives you tax dollars to suport our enemies? America your government is full of psychopaths who are hell  bend on destroying us as a nation and a culture. Will we lay here a let them do it? Or will we finally have to fight? Those are the dominating questions in my mind, and in the minds of millions of patriotic Americas today. The sense of betrayal by our own government is almost more than a citizen should have to bare. The current regime places our resources in the hands of those who don't belong here. Those who came here illegally and them expect Americans who have our own needs that need to be met just to shut the hell up and pay for all the worlds problems, and take in all the worlds sick. While on it's surface it all sounds wonderfull, but in reality it's not possible. Especially at the expense of your own population who's struggling under poor job, tax, and energy and immigration policies put in place by the left to crush our economy and our culture. I no longer have a sense of Duty, Honor or Service to this nation that has betrayed me and millions of other like me. They've demonstrated they have none to me.  Americans have been abandoned in the very country we build and sacrificed for by our own government. It's dispicable what's been allowed to happen to our country and our culture. The sad part is it is all self enflicted by crooked politicians pandering to the uneducated, unfiformed, low life's of our society. Instead of pandering to Achievers who have the knowledge and skills to create opporunties for those who aren't as fortunate with what life gave them to work with. Not all men are equal in skills, intelligence, drive, motivations. The founders knew that. I know that. However they are equal as men and woman who deserve a chance to grow their skills, chase their dreams, make themselves more valuable in the free market , so that someday if they wish they can have their own business and give the next an opportunity to prosper and grow. That's what build America.  The win win. Liberals would rather take from those who've achieved and simply give it to someone with no skill, no desires, no motivations to contribute to themselves or society. Hense here is the mess we are in. Americans are angrier than ever and it's only a matter of time before they come unglued. People here just like people anyplace else are going to take much more of these Ant-America anti capitalism policies without there being serious consequences for our country and the world. America used to be the shining city on the hill because we believed in sound, moral, scriptural principles for all. We had standards and principles we tried very hard to adhere to. Those principles and standards haven't vanished. What's vanished are the men who uphold those standards and principles. The standard of the right of the individual to be free and pursue his right to happiness while providing opportunity for others along the way. They've stolen that from you America. If you don't see it you're as blind as a bat. It's past time to rise up. Someone just let me know where the retired general is putting together the army to restore America. My duffles ready. I old, fat, but mostly able. It's time to stop the madness America. It really is