Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vote to Take America Back from Liberals

Here you are America. You have what I see as your first affirmative action president. A person with little to no experience in the real world who operates in the realm of fantasy and ideology rather than reality. Please America I'm begging you to cast an intelligent well thought out vote in the upcoming midterm elections. If you don't your country will continue on this downward spiral into the abyss of poverty and misery. Obama and the left continue to preach this equality bullshit. The truth is every person in America IS already equal in the eyes of the law. That is unless you're a Democrat or a liberal. The fact is in America we are all equal, equal as people under the law. However not everyone is equal in intelligence, drive, physical ability or creativity. Can you image a country where every one was equally stupid. Keep up the policies of what these idiots are pushing and you'll have a country full of morons. You'll have no new invitations like the internet, the PC, the iPhone just to name a few. Our country has started a very dangerous journey a journey to nowhere if you continue to vote for Democrats. I'll be the first to agree republicans are far from perfect, and the old leadership needs to go, but even in their current state are a much more intelligent choice to shape the direction of our nation.  I promise you if you cast a vote for anyone with a D behind their name you are screwing yourself and your grandchildren. If we continue on this path of "Equality" for all there won't be anyone here with the money to have a company that you can work, thrive and pursue your own dreams. The world just within the last 8 yrs of Obama "Foreign Policy" has become a more dangerous place because he's a limp dick president who's hasn't a clue as to the reality of global threats to "You". That's right "You" not just your country "You". Believe it or not there are those that wish to do you harm simply because "You" are American and supposedly "Free". America if you're stupid enough to vote for any Democratic candidate again I guess we will just have to chalk it up to the law of natural selection because you will have proven yourselves to stupid to survive. A lot like being so stupid as to crossing a busy freeway in the middle of the night without even looking. You will certainly be run over, and deservedly so. The government is using regulatory agencies as weapons against "You" to restrict what "You" can and can't do. They have overstepped the bounds of what governments role is in America. How much more of this shit will you tolerate before millions of you march on the streets and ransack every government building you can find? My gut tells me it's not far off if the direction doesn't change fast. Wake the hell up America. You live in tyranny now and it's only going to get worse unless "You" vote and vote by the millions. Grap a friend who's uninvolved and out of touch with politics. Bend their ear. I was shocked when I had a conversation with a guy I considered to be pretty sharp. He was clueless as to current state of what attacks were being made on his personal liberties. They just hadn't effected him "Yet". America your economy is on the way to devastation. You are on your way to civil war. You are on you way to poverty and misery if you don't change your ways. So please America, go with the vehicle that got us where we were. The United States constitution and cast you vote for those who vow to uphold it. The United States constitution is the greatest human rights document ever written as it was inspired by God himself and written with biblically sound principles. "The laws of the cosmos" if that suites you better. You can't violate natural law without consequences and that's what democrats and the left try to do. They try to violate the natural state of man. That natural state of man is "Freedom" when you violate a mans "Freedom" only bad things can happen.