Sunday, October 25, 2009

America is Becoming a Dangerous Place

I am amazed; absolutely amazed at the direction this country seems to be headed. It seems to me that those that refuse to do for themselves are simply starting to out number those that do for themselves. The entitlement mentality that seems to have taken hold on a large portion of our population is destroying this nation. It's not my responsibility to pay for those who refuse to do for themselves, or for those who sneak across our borders illegally. It is certainly not the government’s job to take anything of mine, or yours and give it to someone else. The founding fathers warned of this. I and millions like me refuse to be shackled by the federal government. We will do what is necessary to maintain our God given right to Freedom and Liberty. What needs to happen in this country is a total dismantling of the current government, along with a restructuring of the rules and regulations that strangle industry. We need to return to the basic root values contained in the founding documents of this nation. The IRS is basically a criminal organization and needs to be done away with. The fact that you make less that a certain amount of money exempts you from and kind of federal income tax is absurd. Everyone should have a stake in this deal. We should have a simple and plain flat tax in this country. The government and the current Obama administration are dangerous to the National Security of the United States. It's a dam shame when the President of the United States and those who surround him are the real Nation Security threat. This current administration if not stopped will forever change our country, and not for the good. If in the next election cycle we don't see the changes necessary to move our country forward in a positive direction, I am afraid of what might happen. All other industrialized nations utilize their natural resources, why in hell doesn't the United States? The fact we don't is very dangerous to our way of life and position in the world. We are being perceived as weak both economically, militarily, and politically. The natural law suggests we are to be eaten unless we change the direction of our country. The fact that the Obama administration is trying to pass this Health care package that will cover everyone is just unrealistic and just plane stupidity. Yes we all know there is a problem, but we need to focus on the people who don’t have insurance for whatever reason, not on the whole system. I am amazed that this guy was even elected. Shocked is more like it. My feeling is we are simply being out numbered by irrational thinking individuals who are so easy to sway because they lack the ability to think for themselves, so they just blindly believe all the garbage the left wing media and the government feeds them. It’s a real shame. America seems to have just been dumbed down. The bottom line is this. If we don’t see drastic changes in this country in the tax policies, energy, and environmental policies we are on the road to a civil war. I and millions like me will not stand by and have our country destroyed by people who seem to feel it’s thier job to take my stuff and give it to someone else. Barrack Hussein Obama, and those around him are the real nation security threat at this point.