Saturday, November 7, 2009

Politicaly Correct America

Your grandparents are literally ill right now. They are watching the nation they built with hard work, positive thinking, and most of all blood. I talk with seniors all day in my daily business and they are sick. They are sick that they AARP have sold out to the Obama Administration. They are sick of the entitlement mentality that has been created in this country, and frankly so am I. I would rather put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger than take something from the government. Why, you ask? Every time you take something from the government you have given up that much of your Freedom, not to mention your dignity that is if you had any to begin with. It's pathetic that we have so many people who think the government owes them something. You already live in the best country in the world, or at least it used to be, I am not so sure anymore. Political correctness is going to kill us literally! Look at what has just happened at Fort Hood. You have some crazy Muslim nut job killing our troops. I want you to think about how much sense this didn't make for this guy to be in the job he was. First; he was a Muslim radical. Those around him have confirmed this, yet nothing was done to remove, and discharge him. Second: He was a psychologist counseling some of the most vulnerable, emotionally unstable folks in our ranks who suffered from various psychological conditions due to post traumatic stress. Think he was in a position to influence them? Talk about lame! Who the hell are the people who have put political correctness about national security? I want their heads on a platter, and so should the families of the soldiers killed at Fort Hood. This was just plane ill responsible leadership from the top down. The moment anyone gets any idea that we have a traitor among the ranks of the military service regardless of their religion and especially if they are Muslim, they need to be discharged, or imprisoned immediately. We don't have the time for this crap any longer. This is what you can continue to expect from those with a liberal mindset. It really is a mental disease. Save America vote out a Democrat, and a tar and feather job isn't out of the question.