Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Republican Response to State of the Union

I missed the state of the union, but I did see the Republican response. Gee I wonder why the Republicans always get their asses handed to them. I didn't see Obamas speach of lies and propaganda tonight. I didn't have to. I'm sure it was the same old bullshit, however I did get to catch the Republican response by the nice Sunday school teacher, and she was nice. That's the problem. You don't deal with the left nicely. You get in their face, you confront them with truth and expose their lies. The Sunday school teacher did nothing but tell us her nice little story of being a mom NOT WHAT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OR THE COUNTRY NEEDS. We need a real asshole who does care how CNN, ABC, CBS, MSLSD reports on what he says or does. I'm so sick of a party of pussies, and that's what the Republicans have become. The party of girleymen. Where are the men? Where are the guys who'll flat get in the face of the Democrats passionately. Where are the guys that will tell the left to just go straight to hell?  This is America! The land of the free & the home of the brave, or at least it used to be. What a pathetic Republican response.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Freedoms at Risk in America

Sitting here pondering the income equality thing in depth Obama and the left keep preaching while they all spend our tax dollars flying around in jets, eating steak, throwing private parties at the White House. Think how delusional these people are. Think about their philosophy. Their philosophy is everyone's equal and we are going to make it that way by imposing our will on you economically & politically. Someone who spends several years pursuing a medical degree. He spends the money for his education, graduates, and becomes a Dr. This could apply to any chosen profession. Now he's worth the same in the market place as someone who sits on their ass and smokes dope all day, fathers several children with no way to Suport them? That's what Obama and the left believe. They believe that these two guys are of equal value in the market place. How stupid do you have to be to buy this shit. Why would you become a Dr. Lawyer, architect, engineer? I saw this is the ex-Soviet block country of Uzbekistan. There's no incentive to be better, because it doesn't benefit you or your family. You're stuck in the same shit hole as the guy who sweeps the streets. End result you have no Drs. Lawyers, engineers, architects. Their society crumbled. That's the poison Obama and the left are pushing right down your throat and up your ass America. It's a culture of misery and poverty with no way out. When they talk about equality it's not possible. Some people are smart, some are stupid, some are average, but all are equal as human beings in the eyes of God and all should be treated with dignity and respect. Socialism is the most disrespectful thing you could do to a people. It's the smart that give the jobs to the stupid. It's the rich that give jobs to the poor. In a socialist system you have just misery because all will be poor except the elite who've stolen all from the people they claimed to have wanted to help. America you had better wake the hell up. This current government is as dangerous as any on the planet to you. Probably more dangerous given our level of technology.  If you're one of the brain dead idiots who buy into this ideology then God better help you because I can't. America you are on the edge of a disaster like you've never seen if you don't put the breaks on this government however it needs to be done. I won't be the guy to fire the first shot to regain our freedom, but I know this, whoever does I'm on their side. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How The Russian Beat The Germans at Leningrad

You can't make this stuff up. Real life....

Ever had a day?

Where your wife's cranky first thing in the AM for some reason. Don't have a clue

Haven't been able to drive to your own house since Friday

Wife decides she wants to go grocery shopping rather than making do

Then the feud erupts as to how do they get the groceries to the top of the hill.  

Her way..... Old school Russian. Put your crap on a kart and tote it up the hill through the snow

His way....... Go get the yard tractor with the little trailer and simply drive that to tote the groceries

She gets the cart ready to do it her way at the bottom of the drive

He's pissed she's not listening to his logical simple way to do it

She unloads the cart and proceeds to put the groceries on the cart

He walks off telling her he's going to get the tractor. He has to walk to the house to get the key to the gate. At least 3/8 of a mile and it's cold

She starts dragging the groceries up the icy snow covered drive, cussing him the whole way

He gets to the gate and gets the mower out just as she is at the gate to the shop about 3/8 mile from the house

She argues let's just pull it and we will be done

He says nonsense why tote these like that. Loads groceries in kart

She's pissed

He try's to drive tractor. Tractor don't go

He try's different things he thinks will get him moving. They don't work. Now the tractors out of gas. He has to now walk another 3/8th of a mile to get gas

She takes the groceries out on the cart and continues to the house

He's stuck with the tractor out of gas, stuck. Has to push tractor off drive that others use that's covered in ice and snow. He's pissed

She's in the warm house putting the groceries away. Warm. 

He has to now walk 3/8 of a mile freezing his ass off. Toting a 5 gal full jug of gas. It's 3/8 of a mile, one way up hill on a drive slipperier than snot on a glass door knob. 

She rubs it in her way was better

He's pissed goes to hot tub. Comes back and the laugh together about the whole thing

Moral of the story

That's why why the Nazi got their asses kicked at Leningrad. Simplicity, determination and belief  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

America The Land of the Freeloaders

Went to Walmart tonight to get a few things. I remember why I hate going there. People in front of us, cell phones, body piercings, tattoos, buying soda and a bunch of crap with a little baby in the cart. Then I saw how they paid. It infuriates me we keep subsidizing peoples groceries. Nobody subsidizes mine. No wonder we can't find anybody that wants to work they've made it pretty comfortable not to. The left is destroying this country with their hand outs. Hand outs they steal from you and I. People who have busted their asses, persevered through very hard times & worked to become successful get the shaft in this country. We are treated as if we are the problem. I've got news for you morons on the left the whole reason you have anything is because of guys like me that produce it and we are getting fed up with you stealing our stuff. You've pushed us to far. Way to far. We are going to start rounding you up and ship you off to some dam island someplace and let you fend for yourselves. You pathetic bags of crap that think it's my job to feed & clothe your families make me want to vomit. I've had it up to my eyeballs with people who think their entitled to tax payers money. What's worse is we have a government who advertises for you to come get on welfare.  How much more if this shit do we need to take. The land of movers & shakers is fast becoming the land of losers & takers. All I want from my government is to be left the hell alone & quit giving hand outs to people who aren't truly in need all your doing is enabling demoralizing behaviors & using my tax dollars to do it. How pathetic is that. America land of the freeloaders.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Black Leadership In America

The black community in America has many very successful individuals. Many great men, yet they choose scoundrels like Barrack Hussein Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpen just to name a few. There are many more racist on the list, but I stop there. Why are these people, and people like them the voice of blacks in America. I'll tell you why. Because great guys like Allen West, Herman Cain, will tell you to get off your ass and get a job, go better yourself. It's not the governments job to pay your bills, it's yours. They are for personal excellence, and personal responsibility. Jackson and his crowd need victims. Victims they create by preying on the poor and uneducated. They constantly tell them it's the fault of the white man you're on welfare, live in government housing when the exact opposite is true. People like Jackson are the scourge of the black community. These people keep racism alive and well to line their own pockets. Obama is just as bad if not worse. I've never seen such a divisive, destruct environment in America intentionally created by the President of the United States of America. Black America why don't you vote for someone worthy? Up to now you've got nothing but racist assholes that do nothing but screw you, and our country.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Political Correctness, War, Lone Survivor

We went to see the movie "Lone Survivor" last night. If you haven't seen it, you need to. If it doesn't give you a deep appreciation of how fantastic our special ops guys are I can't help you. I walked away with some messages The first on was "Get The F$&k Up" no matter what. You're not done until you're dead. The other message was these guys had to make a battle field decision that cost them their lives, based on political correctness rather than on the tactical necessity of completing their mission and eliminating those who compromised their mission. The commander had to worry about what CNN would say if they eliminated the two Taliban who ended up compromising their mission and in the end their lives. Can you image if we gave a rats ass about what the world thought of us in WWII? You'd be speaking German or Japanese. When we send our troops into harms way their sole mission should be to kill the enemy before he kills you period. Having troops second guess who they eliminate and who they don't on the battlefield gets our guys killed and we will ultimately lose the battle and or the war. The way you win war is with pure brutality and acts that are unspeakable. It's war. It's the most nasty, most primitive, most horrendous thing you can ask a man to do is take the life of another in the most violent ways. That's why it should always be a last resort. It's also why when you go to war you go with the mentality of a warrior not one of a politician. America when our troops are sent to the battlefield expect them to kill the enemy and win the war. Don't expect them to be politically correct. That's crueler than the brutality of war. Give a guy a mission and a gun, then tell him he needs to worry about what the liberal media and the world will think of you if you have to whack a teenager who's obviously on the side of the enemy. We have worsified our armed forces because they fear the consequences of doing the job they were sent to do. That type of mentality cost the lives of our guys not theirs. The left has weakened our military in so many ways. This has weakened our national security. I promise you if an airplane full of Taliban jumped into the hills of southern Oregon with a mission, and they were discovered by an American teenage boy they wouldn't just let him go. They would at the very least kill him instantly to maintain the integrity of their mission. That's war. America when we go to war the next time, and there will be a next time we had better go with an attitude more brutal and nasty than our enemies or you'll be speaking their language and living under their rules. That's war and that's why you don't commit peoples lives to such a horrible endeavor and expect them to act civilized because war isn't civilized. It's war. Having the enemy know you'll rip his guts out an eat them in front if their children will stifle them wanting to ever screw with you. It's called peace through strength. It works. Knowing if you mess with America you'll get the shit kicked out if you instantly detours aggression. Meek means strength with restraint. Should we exercise our strength upon other countries unjustifiably? Of course not, but knowing if you screw with us we don't care what you or the world thinks. We will rain holly terror upon your people and your land in a righteous way that preserves freedom and liberty on our land and our people. We need leadership in DC that understands this. We don't need what we have now. Barrack Hussein Obama and the left are our national security threat.