Thursday, July 31, 2014

VA Night-Mare in White City,OR

I've recently had to call on the Veterans Administration for some help for a very serious health issue. 

What started out Ok I thought has turned into a night-mare. Everything from the care, to the way they do their billing is just nuts. 

Originally diagnosed with this condition in January 2012 by the Portland,OR VA

I had a biopsy done, and a radiation treatment plan put in place that was done at OHSU

Later scans confirmed that lytic leasions were spreading

Second bout of radiation was done locally in Medford, OR after another biopsy confirmed same type of cancer, different spot

Then headaches started to appear. More scans revealed lytic skull leasions and Boney leasions of the ribs and sternum. 

Chemo was recommended by my oncologist from the Portland, OR Veterans Hospital in conjunction with OHSU oncology for multiple myeloma

The Portland Veterans hospital told me that the only way to receive chemo from the VA was to drive to Portland, OR once a week for 16 weeks. 

I'm still of working age. Portland is a 500 mile round trip. Do the math on the money, down time from work, and try to do that while undergoing chemo. 

I then contacted my congressman about getting my treatmeants done locally. After a number of phone calls and letters it was authorized to be done locally, but it cost over a month in delay in my treatmeants and the lady who called me back to tell me the treatmeants had been authorized locally was a total witch on the phone towards me. Talked to me like I was a price of garbage off the street for having pushed this issue. I was shocked at the attitudes displayed towards me. She basically tried to a scould me for requesting this. 

Now I'm under the care of a local oncologist. I'm having severe pain issues in my sternum. So bad it hurts to have a bowel movement. This Dr writes me an RX for pain meds, sends it to the white City VA pharmacy to be filled. The nurse from the primary care team then tells me I need to come see the Dr at the VA before they would fill my pain pill RX rather than just filling it and it will be a week for an appointment. In the mean time the pains so bad I'm having trouble breathing

There is a real problem in the culture at the VA hospital. These people don't seem to understand who's the boss here. The bosses are the Vets not the staff of the VA

The attitude I've had displayed towards me in the last few weeks from The White City VA hospital is unacceptable. Initially I had good reviews to give to the VA, but the more serious my condition becomes, I have less and less patience for their bullshit. 

America the VA healthcare system needs to just go away and vets need to be seen by private, professional healthcare providers who know how to treat patients. I'm shocked at how poorly I've been treated in the last few weeks just trying to get much needed pain medications. I honestly don't even want to return to the VA, but I won't have a choice. 

The place is fast becoming full of freaks. Everthing from tatoos, crap hanging out of peoples faces, to just an attitude of give me my check I work at the VA and I'll treat you Vets how I think you should be treated. The place has just gotten bizzzar. The culture is that of some far off left wing society where blue hair and pixey dust are normal. 

Disgusted with the VA 

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