Wednesday, July 16, 2014

KBR, Burn Pits, Vets & DOD Contractors

So if the Supreme Court does say they are immune, what happens to all of us who worked as DOD Contractors who they knowingly poisoned. The proof is everywhere in letters from Generals stating the air quality was so bad there would be long term health effects, to all the guys Vets & DOD Contractors alike now showing up sick by the thousands because of this. If you're a vet you can file a VA Claim, if you're a Contractor you can file a DBA claim and get to spend an afternoon with some high priced KBR attorney slapping you around like you're some kind of criminal. Trying to build a case that the joint you may have smoked 25yrs ago is what given you multiple myeloma. It's all about getting KBR off. It's not about the truth. I'm going to tell you the truth. 

We suffered what I consider to be four major exposures

1. The sewage pit that probably 5 or 10 acres in size, maybe bigger, maybe smaller. It's a biological super stew that is on the west end of kandahar airbase. It's 130 degrees with prevailing winds out of the west, southwest. The whole base is, was covered in dried human feces. Ever surface you touch, every breath you took you inhaled human shit. God knows what decease people had or have that troops are breathing into their lungs, touching their faces, rubbing their eyes, eating food with dust falling from the ceilings of the tents that's contaminated with human waste. It's no joke that's how it was in 2003 and I believe still is today. Just google it 

2. Bottled water contaminated with tritinuim. The EPA say it causes bone cancer. While I was there we had an incident where we were drinking off pallets of bottled water for a week or so. Then one morning we woke to find yellow caution tape around the pallets with skull & cross bones sign telling us not to drink the water it was highly radioactive. I only ever saw one little story about that in the Stars & Stripes saying that the system of randomly checking the safety of the water was working. My question is how many of those contaminated pallets of bottled water got through, considering I now have bone cancer which the EPA says can be caused by tritinuim, which is what the water was contaminated with. Go figure 

3. Depleted uranium dust from armor peircing munitions & up armor on vehicles. Uranium is radioactive. The whole dam place is a dust bowl. How many millions of those rounds were expelled? Common sense tells you the place is covered in uranium dust. We were there. We breathed the air. Now we have all kinds of weird cancers, but they have to study this problem to see if that's why thousands of us are coming up sick with cancer. 

4. Last but not least but probably the most significant contributor was and or is the Burn Pits the military uses to dispose of all the waste from the base. The military has everything and that's what went into the burn pit "Everything". The air quality was so bad there were days you'd vomit. Sometimes the fumes would even drop you to your knees, your eyes would water, your nose would burn and run. This pit was and or is located on the south, southwest side of the base with the prevailing winds out of the west, southwest. This pit was and or is set a fire every night. It burns all night and smouldered all day with fumes and smoke drifting all over the base. It was were we lived, it was where we worked. You couldn't escape it even if you tried

So my high priced whatever the fuck your name was KBR attorney who spent four hours slapping me around trying to pin my illness on my former military service of 30 something years ago, or the joint I may have smoked 20 something years ago somehow gave me plasmacytoma that's progressed into multiple myeloma where now I need chemo therapy and a bone marrow transplant in hopes I might live. Fuck you KBR attorney. There are thousands of us and someone's going to pay for my healthcare and that of all the others and compinsate us for what you stole from us. Our lives. What's that worth. There not enough money to compensate us for the years taken from our lives, the hardships this negligence has placed on our families both emotional and monetarily. Take you paycheck My KBR attorney. Sleep well...We didn't all just wake up one day and decided to be sick and then blame someone. I was diagnosed, then went to the internet to research my illness. That research led me to a website Then it clicked as to what is the most likely source of my illness and the illnesses of thousands. Common sense tells any normal thinking person what's happened. Is it KBR's fault? I don't know & I really don't care who's "Fault" it is. The fact is DOD Contractors who are mostly veterans themselves are being kicked to the curb in all the proposed legislation proposals. I'm not going allow this to happen. We will be care for and we will be compensated for the negligence. By who? I don't know, but I think it's unbelievable that all of us are getting fucked because of the negligence of whom ever decided to burn toxins, and put a sewage pond in such close proximity to the base. It was and is pure stupidity. Funny these days think of the stupidest thing that could be done in a situation and the government and the military will do it. Then throw in the greed factor of corporations that will do whatever to profit. It's a dangerous mix. Wars a dirty business I understand, but incompetence and knowingly, recklessly, and needlessly endangering the lives and health of people is unacceptable. Someone's responsible.       

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  1. My husband also was diagnosed with plasmacytoma in 2010. He served in Theater in the 1st gulf war