Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Republican Response to State of the Union

I missed the state of the union, but I did see the Republican response. Gee I wonder why the Republicans always get their asses handed to them. I didn't see Obamas speach of lies and propaganda tonight. I didn't have to. I'm sure it was the same old bullshit, however I did get to catch the Republican response by the nice Sunday school teacher, and she was nice. That's the problem. You don't deal with the left nicely. You get in their face, you confront them with truth and expose their lies. The Sunday school teacher did nothing but tell us her nice little story of being a mom NOT WHAT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OR THE COUNTRY NEEDS. We need a real asshole who does care how CNN, ABC, CBS, MSLSD reports on what he says or does. I'm so sick of a party of pussies, and that's what the Republicans have become. The party of girleymen. Where are the men? Where are the guys who'll flat get in the face of the Democrats passionately. Where are the guys that will tell the left to just go straight to hell?  This is America! The land of the free & the home of the brave, or at least it used to be. What a pathetic Republican response.

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