Monday, January 27, 2014

Freedoms at Risk in America

Sitting here pondering the income equality thing in depth Obama and the left keep preaching while they all spend our tax dollars flying around in jets, eating steak, throwing private parties at the White House. Think how delusional these people are. Think about their philosophy. Their philosophy is everyone's equal and we are going to make it that way by imposing our will on you economically & politically. Someone who spends several years pursuing a medical degree. He spends the money for his education, graduates, and becomes a Dr. This could apply to any chosen profession. Now he's worth the same in the market place as someone who sits on their ass and smokes dope all day, fathers several children with no way to Suport them? That's what Obama and the left believe. They believe that these two guys are of equal value in the market place. How stupid do you have to be to buy this shit. Why would you become a Dr. Lawyer, architect, engineer? I saw this is the ex-Soviet block country of Uzbekistan. There's no incentive to be better, because it doesn't benefit you or your family. You're stuck in the same shit hole as the guy who sweeps the streets. End result you have no Drs. Lawyers, engineers, architects. Their society crumbled. That's the poison Obama and the left are pushing right down your throat and up your ass America. It's a culture of misery and poverty with no way out. When they talk about equality it's not possible. Some people are smart, some are stupid, some are average, but all are equal as human beings in the eyes of God and all should be treated with dignity and respect. Socialism is the most disrespectful thing you could do to a people. It's the smart that give the jobs to the stupid. It's the rich that give jobs to the poor. In a socialist system you have just misery because all will be poor except the elite who've stolen all from the people they claimed to have wanted to help. America you had better wake the hell up. This current government is as dangerous as any on the planet to you. Probably more dangerous given our level of technology.  If you're one of the brain dead idiots who buy into this ideology then God better help you because I can't. America you are on the edge of a disaster like you've never seen if you don't put the breaks on this government however it needs to be done. I won't be the guy to fire the first shot to regain our freedom, but I know this, whoever does I'm on their side. 

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