Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Political Correctness, War, Lone Survivor

We went to see the movie "Lone Survivor" last night. If you haven't seen it, you need to. If it doesn't give you a deep appreciation of how fantastic our special ops guys are I can't help you. I walked away with some messages The first on was "Get The F$&k Up" no matter what. You're not done until you're dead. The other message was these guys had to make a battle field decision that cost them their lives, based on political correctness rather than on the tactical necessity of completing their mission and eliminating those who compromised their mission. The commander had to worry about what CNN would say if they eliminated the two Taliban who ended up compromising their mission and in the end their lives. Can you image if we gave a rats ass about what the world thought of us in WWII? You'd be speaking German or Japanese. When we send our troops into harms way their sole mission should be to kill the enemy before he kills you period. Having troops second guess who they eliminate and who they don't on the battlefield gets our guys killed and we will ultimately lose the battle and or the war. The way you win war is with pure brutality and acts that are unspeakable. It's war. It's the most nasty, most primitive, most horrendous thing you can ask a man to do is take the life of another in the most violent ways. That's why it should always be a last resort. It's also why when you go to war you go with the mentality of a warrior not one of a politician. America when our troops are sent to the battlefield expect them to kill the enemy and win the war. Don't expect them to be politically correct. That's crueler than the brutality of war. Give a guy a mission and a gun, then tell him he needs to worry about what the liberal media and the world will think of you if you have to whack a teenager who's obviously on the side of the enemy. We have worsified our armed forces because they fear the consequences of doing the job they were sent to do. That type of mentality cost the lives of our guys not theirs. The left has weakened our military in so many ways. This has weakened our national security. I promise you if an airplane full of Taliban jumped into the hills of southern Oregon with a mission, and they were discovered by an American teenage boy they wouldn't just let him go. They would at the very least kill him instantly to maintain the integrity of their mission. That's war. America when we go to war the next time, and there will be a next time we had better go with an attitude more brutal and nasty than our enemies or you'll be speaking their language and living under their rules. That's war and that's why you don't commit peoples lives to such a horrible endeavor and expect them to act civilized because war isn't civilized. It's war. Having the enemy know you'll rip his guts out an eat them in front if their children will stifle them wanting to ever screw with you. It's called peace through strength. It works. Knowing if you mess with America you'll get the shit kicked out if you instantly detours aggression. Meek means strength with restraint. Should we exercise our strength upon other countries unjustifiably? Of course not, but knowing if you screw with us we don't care what you or the world thinks. We will rain holly terror upon your people and your land in a righteous way that preserves freedom and liberty on our land and our people. We need leadership in DC that understands this. We don't need what we have now. Barrack Hussein Obama and the left are our national security threat.

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