Tuesday, January 21, 2014

America The Land of the Freeloaders

Went to Walmart tonight to get a few things. I remember why I hate going there. People in front of us, cell phones, body piercings, tattoos, buying soda and a bunch of crap with a little baby in the cart. Then I saw how they paid. It infuriates me we keep subsidizing peoples groceries. Nobody subsidizes mine. No wonder we can't find anybody that wants to work they've made it pretty comfortable not to. The left is destroying this country with their hand outs. Hand outs they steal from you and I. People who have busted their asses, persevered through very hard times & worked to become successful get the shaft in this country. We are treated as if we are the problem. I've got news for you morons on the left the whole reason you have anything is because of guys like me that produce it and we are getting fed up with you stealing our stuff. You've pushed us to far. Way to far. We are going to start rounding you up and ship you off to some dam island someplace and let you fend for yourselves. You pathetic bags of crap that think it's my job to feed & clothe your families make me want to vomit. I've had it up to my eyeballs with people who think their entitled to tax payers money. What's worse is we have a government who advertises for you to come get on welfare.  How much more if this shit do we need to take. The land of movers & shakers is fast becoming the land of losers & takers. All I want from my government is to be left the hell alone & quit giving hand outs to people who aren't truly in need all your doing is enabling demoralizing behaviors & using my tax dollars to do it. How pathetic is that. America land of the freeloaders.

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