Sunday, June 8, 2014

How Much More?

How much more will the American population take of this dictatorship style government that's unfolding before our very eyes? I submit to you that it's over for the left. The affordable care act has done something forgien to Americans. The government has intruded into a very private and personal relationship, that between you and your doctor. They have and are using government agencies to stifle political speach, they have lied to us at a scale like we've never seen before, the forgien policy of our nation and relationships with our allies are a disaster, the list goes on and on as to how the personal freedoms and liberties of the individual's rights are being violated and yet they have the nerve to try and tell other governments of the world how not to tread on their citizens while they use us as the pavement on their road to tyranny. It appalling to me this is continuing. Fortunately the founders put in place the first & second amendments. These amendments hopefully will ensure the survival of our values, our culture, and our liberties. If the first amendment doesn't save us by allowing the opposition to the current regime to win in the arena of ideas in this next election to get our country tracking it's only a matter of time before citizens will be simply forced to exercise their second amendment rights against the regime that now occupies Washington DC so America can be restored to her true state which is where the individual's freedom and liberty out weight that of the collective. You see it's the individual that makes up the collective and if the individual is strong and morally upright our nation will be that way. The left has it ass backwards. They think you have to intrude upon the individuals right to pursue happiness and redistribute that. It has failed and will always fail because it's simply immoral to take something from someone who's earned their spot in this world and give it to someone who hasn't. That system ensures only those in Washington DC live the good life, while they spread misery on the rest of us. My hope is this next election cycle will absolutely destroy the left in America for centuries. If the election doesn't go to the right I fear the only way to retake the nation will have to come in the shape of an armed revolt by the citizens who'll have both a moral and a legal obligation to exercise their second amendment rights in order to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America and to ensure the way of life we all cherish, one of individual freedom and liberty. After all that's why America became the great nation she was. The individuals right to pursue their dreams and that in turn creates the opportunities for others to pursue theirs. That's something the left in America can't or won't grasp because strong individuals are simply a threat to them.  Good day....

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