Sunday, June 22, 2014

Is This What The Founders Had In Mind?

Well it's Sunday. Been a grueling week. On the way to Safeway to buy some steaks while we still can. This country has become an interesting place. I mean where else do you go on the planet, go across the boarder of a nation. Then have that nations population pay (While they can hardly pay their own bills) for your housing, food, clothing, and medical care?  The country doesn't care for it's own population but it will fund terrorists, give aid to countries that hate us? I'm totally confused here as to who's side "Our" government is on, because it's not ours. They bury us in debt and taxes, we don't utilize the resources God gave us to create jobs and wealth. I'm confused as to how they continue to lie and manipulate this nations economy and it's people. Yet nothing happens to this lawless, unamerican, unconstitutional government. How long will it be before lead starts flying. I'm not condoning or wanting that, but when all of the branches of government have failed to do the will of the people. The founders put the second amendment in the constitution for just this reason. How long before the people exercise their legal and moral obligation to fix this. It's clearly not what the founders intended for our nation. It just isn't.

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