Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vets and DOD Contractors Getting Screwed

Today I'm sitting here and just wondering. I'm wondering about how out of control this all is. There are many hundreds if not thousands of people Veterans and DOD contractors who served in Iraq & Afghanistan who now have serious to life threatening health conditions. We survived the war only to have it follow us home in the form of strange and bizarre illnesses none of us would have ever acquired if it wasn't for our participation in the war. There were what I and many others consider to be major contributing factors if not the direct cause of our illnesses. 

1. On Kandahar airbase currently the five acre open sewage pit is located right in the middle of the base. When I was there in 2003-2005 it was right at the west end of the base. The base has since grown and the sewage pit is right smack dab in the middle of the base (Just google it). The prevailing winds came from the west, to southwest. This literally blew dried human feces with the dust all over the base and every contact surface you'd touch. Whoever the genius was that devised this plan should be court marshaled and jailed for sheer stupidity and endangering the health of all of us on the base unnecessarily. Who know who had what kind of diseases.    

2. The burn pit was located just meters southwest of the base and sewage pit. In this pit was put all of the days waste the base produced. This waste included  anything you can think of. This pit was then set on fire every evening by dousing it with diesel fuel and it was set afire. Large dark plums of obnoxious smelling stuff would drift over the base all the time. Keep in mind the prevailing winds come from the west, southwest. The pit burned and smouldered 24 hrs a day. Sometimes we'd vomit from the fumes. Again the moron who planned this should be prosecuted for sheer stupidity. You can't have a landfill next to a residential area for a reason let one one that's set on fire and burns 24/7. 

3. Depleted uranium is now used for some reason in armor piercing munitions. Uranium is radioactive. The whole dam place is covered in depleted uranium dust which we all breathed. What do you think happens to people who breath that?

4. We drank bottled water that was contaminated with tritium some kind of radioactive element that the EPA says causes cancer. We drank this bottled water the whole time I was there. Then one day we went out to get the water and there was yellow caution tape around the pallets of water and a sign warning us not to drink the water it was highly radioactive. The pallets just quietly disappeared with no further mention of the incident except a small article in the army times saying it posed no know immediate health risks. The article then when on to say how wonderful their system of random sampling was and they caught it. Really then how come we were drinking it for two weeks? And how many other pallets of this contaminated water got through your wonderful random samplings?  How come after drinking this water contaminated with tritium I now have multiple myeloma?

This dam country is out of control. They send us to supposedly defend freedom & democracy. Then they turn around and give millions to know terrorist organizations yet they don't want to admit that there negligence has caused serious life threatening disease to fall upon those of us who do their dirty work. We give millions if not billions of dollars to illegal aliens, but when a Vet or DOD contractor who has served needs to be cared for they will make them drive 500 miles round trip for chemo-therapy that their negligence caused and then tell him he needs after 3 to 4 months of chemo then stay in Seattle for a month for a bone marrow transplant?  The vet or DOD contractor won't have a home or life to return to if he lives. This is unacceptable to me. Is it acceptable to you?



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