Thursday, September 18, 2014

VA Making it Difficult for Vets Again

Ok I've had it. I tried to resolve this once. That's enough. The VA is denying Medicare patients access to some of their Medicare benefits, or maybe I should say they're redirecting them to a supplier they choose instead of the one the patient initially chose. There is a thing called the "Medicare Bill of Rights" which give the patient the right to choose where they get their medical service or durable medical equipment. The VA has been consistently denying Medicare patients who receive  their primary care through the VA access to outside vendors that they chose by not providing them with the requested documentation the supplier needs in order to bill the patients Medicare account. They tell the patient the VA will provided them with what they need, then sends them to an outside supplier the VA chose, not the one the patient did, or they just tell the patient we don't sign outside the VA paperwork and the patient never get the service or the durable medical equipment that they need and requested. This just reeks of coruption and or pure laziness on the part of the VA. This practice of not playing well with outside agencies has got to stop. There's seems to be some kind of "Cozy" relationship between some outside vendors where patients are sent to recieve medical services and durable medical equipment. Essentially they are stealing part of the patient base that we've worked for years to build and denying the Vet access by making it such a hassle. I'm demanding it be looked into by my congressman. I'm tired of trying to fix it by talking to people at the VA who just look at you, tell you a story of how to fix it. They just shine you on. Then you do what they say and you get the same result. Nothing.

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